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Billing Options

Compare billing options and find the best fit for you.

Set monthly amount


Our budget program is monthly billing for customers based on past years' usage.

This program is set up to help customers spread out payments instead of having big bills in the winter months and little or no bills in the summer.

The budget starts in June

 and runs for 12 months.

Budget payments are determined by estimating how many gallons you will use in a year, what the cost of those gallons would be based on the current budget rate, and then dividing the amount by 12 to make 12 equal monthly payments.

Left over balances can be applied to the next years' budget or refunded in full.

Budget customers are also eligible

 for the Auto Pay program.

If budget payments are not current customers are no longer eligible for this service.

There are no fees to be on the budget program and no contracts to sign, customers may go off the program at anytime.

Automatically charges a card on file 

Auto Bill 

The auto bill program is all about convenience. We save a credit card on your Tri-Gas account and automatically charge that card.

 It is safe, secure and easy.

You can choose what day of the month the card is charged.

Will Call and Auto Fill customers can both take advantage of the Auto Bill program.

There are no fees to be on this program & no contracts to sign, customers may go off this program at any time.

 Call our office for details

 and to sign up.

Cash On Delivery


Policy for renters

Renter accounts are all set up as CASH ON DELIVERY.

 Renters cannot charge unless the landlord is willing to sign a rental agreement. 

If a rental agreement is signed the landlord is then responsible for covering any bills NOT paid by the tenant.

 Contact our office for more information

 or for a rental agreement form.

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