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Tri-Gas will not send a propane truck up an un-plowed driveway or un-sanded incline.

Our propane trucks will need to navigate your driveway to make a delivery – which is impossible if the way is blocked by snow and ice. Keeping your driveway plowed (and sanded, if it is steep) will ensure that we can access your propane tank. Please also remember that our delivery trucks are wider than standard cars, so shoveling just a narrow path may not be adequate. If our delivery person is unable to navigate your driveway, we will not be able to fill your tank, which could result in a special delivery fee.

Tri-Gas only delivers propane, no hidden fees & no BS 


The Keep Full program is a service available to qualified customers FREE of charge.

On the keep full program our computers estimate your tank level based on past usage and Tri-Gas

 automatically delivers when the tank is low. Because this service is based on past usage if your propane demands 

change for any reason please contact our office.

Customers with past-due balances or tanks that are not readily accessible to our delivery drivers do NOT qualify for the keep full program. There are no fees or additional cost to be on the Keepfull program and no contracts to sign, customers may discontinue the program at anytime.


The will call program is for customers who prefer to monitor their own tanks and schedule deliveries based on specific needs, i.e. plowing of a difficult driveway, or customers who are on a COD payment plan.

On will call the customer is responsible for monitoring their propane usage by checking the tank gauge and calling for a delivery when the tank reaches 30%.

Bulk customers: Remember to drop the hood once before reading the gauge. This will stop the gauge from "sticking".

Same day emergency deliveries may be subject to a fee. This includes a pressure test fee which is necessary if the tank has completely run out.

Emergency deliveries made after hours are subject to a labor fee this fee includes a pressure test.

Every time a tank runs out or propane supply is interrupted propane companies are legally obligated to perform a pressure test. This test checks for leaks in the system.

There are no fees or obligations on the WillCall program, customer may switch to KeepFull at anytime with out costs.

Tri-Gas will NOT fill a customer owned tank with out a bill of sale or proof of purchase of the tank as per MPGA & Federal & State rules and regulations. For more information on this policy please click below. 


If your location has never had propane before, a few things need to happen prior to our appointment to install your new tank.

Permit: Your Contractor needs to file a Mechanical permit with your township for the inside piping and appliances being installed. We also file a Mechanical permit for the outside piping and tank being installed.

Pressure Test: The gas piping must get pressure tested.

Please make sure the path to your tank and the area around it is free from debris, ice and snow. This includes your driveway. If our service tech can’t navigate your driveway or safely access your tank, he can’t hook you up.

Steps Involved in Setting Up Your Tank

Our tech needs to verify your appliances.

He sets and connects the tank, which includes trenching underground between your house and the tank. If applicable, he also moves the existing tank. It is your responsibility to work with your old provider for removal.

Once connected, he lights all pilot lights on your appliances/furnace and verifies that the system operates as it should.

You sign some paperwork to officially begin service.

Residential above ground propane tank requirements chart below

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