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Our Cylinder Services

Food Trucks

Tri-Gas would love to power your food truck!

 We can deliver full 100lb cylinders to the location of your truck in exchange for empties or you can stop by our dock to have them filled.

Festivals & Parties

Have an upcoming party or event? Tri-Gas would love to power that for you! Propane for grills, patio heaters and portable generators can all be supplied by our company.

Residential Set ups

Tri-Gas can provide 100lb LPG cylinder set ups for your home, cottage, or garage. We put you on our schedule to automatically switch out your cylinders or you can call in as you need them. 

Forklifts & Buffers

Tri-Gas can deliver Forklift and buffer tanks to your business.

Cylinder set up helpful information

For our 100lb propane tank systems, there is an automatic change over regulator/indicator that is connected between the two tanks. While these tank systems are great for customers that have a fairly low annual usage, unfortunately, no manufacturers make them with a gauge. The regulator/indicator between the tanks will help you to know when it's time to place an order. 

The system will draw the propane completely out of one tank first. When the first propane cylinder runs empty, the flow of the propane will automatically switch over and start drawing from the second tank (as long as it's turned on).

 At the same time, there is a window with two colors that will change. When the first tank has propane in it, it will show green. When that cylinder is empty, it will change to red.

When you notice the red flag, it's time to request a delivery. Once our driver has exchanged this tank, they will switch the indicator to point to the tank that it is currently drawing from. This will start a very simple cycle of back and forth between the tanks.

 As a general rule or guideline, depending on your use, we suggest checking this indicator once a week or once a month, just to avoid a long time between the switch over. Occasionally, the indicator may not make a full turn from Green to Red. If you see a flag with both red and green, chances are that the indicator is reading empty.

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