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First time propane users

Hey, there is a first time for everything, propane is no exception. Don't worry we are here to help! Contact Tri-Gas anytime with questions and concerns, the only dumb question is the one not asked!

Some great resources for both new and long time propane customers on the web are & . These sites are a wealth of knowledge on propane and all that comes along with propane service.

If you have never had propane service before and are now renting or have bought a home with a propane tank the first thing you should do is establish the service provider.

Go out to the propane tank, check for a sticker or other identification of the company servicing the tank. Purchasing a home with a propane tank in the yard does NOT mean you own the tank. For more info on this please visit the MPGA website

Tri-Gas will NOT fill a customer owned tank with out a bill of sale or proof of purchase of the tank as per MPGA, Federal & State rules and regulations. For more information on this policy please click below.

Most propane companies keep records of their tanks by location and serial number.

The color of the tank can also give an indication of what company owns the tank and has been filling it and servicing your gas system. All Tri-Gas bulk tanks are forest green and all Tri-Gas cylinders are silver with red tops.

New propane users should:

  •  If you rent the home, contact your landlord for information about the propane company servicing the tank.
  • If you bought the home, contact the propane company servicing the tank with your name and contact information for billing and safety reasons. You should also inquire on current delivery and billing procedures for your account and update information to suit your needs. 
  • Inquire on updating your GasCheck records.
  • VERY IMPORTANT - When the propane delivery is made, have the driver show you what propane smells like. Knowing what propane smells like will help you be aware of a gas leak.

Your First Propane Delivery

There are several things that the propane company needs to know about your property before delivering to your home.

Most propane companies will keep a record of certain instructions you have for them but you may need to meet the driver at your home the first time a delivery is made. Propane companies prefer that somebody be home for the first delivery for the protection of your property and to provide the driver with any direction they may need for future deliveries. It is not necessary for you to be home during subsequent propane deliveries.

Remember that a propane delivery bobtail is a big heavy truck that doesn't turn on a dime or go under trees and overhangs easily. Several things you need to inform the delivering propane company of include:

  • Septic Tank Location - Septic tank covers and lids are easily broken through when run over by a propane gas delivery truck.
  • Overhead Power Lines - When a delivery is made after dark, which is the case in winter after 4:00pm, the driver may not see low hanging overhead power lines. Also, if power lines are hidden by low hanging trees, the truck tank may hit these causing a power loss.
  • Sprinkler Systems - Many yards with sprinkler systems can be damaged if a bobtail or service truck runs over any part of the irrigation system.
  • Inform the propane company of any area of the property you do not want the delivery truck to drive on. In the winter gardens, patios and cement pads are not always visible and can be damaged if driven on by a bobtail.
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